6 Reasons to do Hill Training on a Treadmill

Treadmill running may not be everyones cup of tea, most of us runners like to get outside in the fresh air and run, but sometimes training on a treadmill just makes more sense.

Hill Training on a Treadmill

Hill training on a treadmill will make you stronger and make your stride more efficient. Many running plans work in training as an alternate to speed training and some really focus on it during the strength phase of a training build up. Great, so why not just head outside to the nearest hill you ask?

Hill Training on a Treadmill

6 Reasons to do your Hill Training on a Treadmill

1. No extra stress by pounding down the hills

What goes up must come down, but not on a treadmill! Pounding down hills puts lots of stress on your joints, so save that for race day and instead go from hill to flat on a treadmill.

2. Control the length and incline of the hills

Sometimes the hills are too long, sometimes they’re too short and sometimes they’re too steep, but on a treadmill they are always just right.

3. Find hills when you don’t live near any

Some of us live near the mountains and some of us live in the prairies. Some of us live in big cities and some of us live in the boonies, but for all of us, its not always easy to find a safe, close hill to run on. When hill training on a treadmill, the perfect hill is always waiting for you.

4. Hill intervals make workouts go faster

Running the same route over and over again can get just as boring as a treadmill. Try alternating between hills and flats at set intervals and you’ll see it can make the run fly by!

5. Hills will make you stronger

Running track workouts are an excellent way to improve your speed and form, however, some of us tend to get injured more when running the track, and others simply don’t have a track to run! Hill workouts are like track workouts in disguise.

6. Treadmills are not boring!

It doesn’t matter if you’re running for 30 minutes or 2 hours, you can use the time to learn something new. Download some podcasts and learn while you run. If your into sports, you can schedule your run during a football or hockey game and kill two birds with one stone. Movie buff? Bring your iPad and watch a movie!

What are you waiting for? Try hill training on a treadmill today!

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