16 Running Mantras to Keep you Motivated

Some running mantras to help you during the next tough run or race

A Need for Running Mantras

You are running along in a race feeling great, you start to pick up the pace and your still feeling great, up and down the hill, you are crushing it! Suddenly things start going wrong, self doubt starts to creep into your mind, your legs start to feel heavy, your lungs tight, this starts a vicious cycle, the more uncomfortable you get the more negative thoughts fill your mind.

Well, there is a way to put a stop to it. Lots of runners use mantras, sayings that they repeat over and over to help get through the rough patches.

Some Running Mantras to Try

Here are some that we like, give them a try!

  • The body gets stronger
  • Dig deep, push hard
  • Strong legs, fast feet
  • The body achieves what the mind believes
  • The strong get stronger
  • Faster, faster, faster
  • Stay strong, keep pushing
  • Active recovery…active recovery
  • Fly like the wind
  • Everyone else is hurting too
  • Stay smooth, stay strong
  • Hills are my friend
  • Embrace the hills
  • Stay smooth, stay strong
  • Keep pushing, almost there
  • I am. I can. I will.

What’s your running mantra?

Leave a comment with your favorite running mantra in the comments to share with others, then come back and see what other running mantras have been shared.

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